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Knights, revolutionaries and Goethe

Hiking tour on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Neckarsteig in cooperation with the Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße Odenwald and the cities Hirschhorn and Neckarsteinach
On 08.05. Mayor Oliver Berthold, the head of the Tourist Information Heike Schön-Leucht and Geo-Park on-site guide Richard Köhler welcomed the 20-member hiking group in front of the Hirschhorn town hall.

Right at the beginning, the Neckarsteig led steeply through an old hollow way up the Michelberg. In short pauses for breath, they listened intently into the forest where allegedly on some days the "Pfalzbauer" leads the forest workers astray with his ox cart. Along the way, the children discovered an Aesculapian snake sunbathing. After an hour, they reached the Freischärlergrab, where Köhler described the fighting in and around Hirschhorn during the Baden Revolution in June 1849. Passing art benches, made of various materials by regional artists, one followed the "blue snake" to the Red Picture of 1524. After a break for a snack, one listened to the legend of the dramatic end of a faithless lady of the nearby castle Hundheim. From Roter Bild, the trail led to the municipality-free area of Michelbuch where the participants discovered the remains of a vaulted cellar of the former settlement of Michelbuch. Over the Kreuzschlag, past the old salvation sign "Schaubild" on the way to the Schönau monastery, one reached the "Goethe-Blick", situated in a small sea of rocks above Neckarsteinach. One enjoyed the magnificent view of the Neckar and Dilsberg, with Köhler describing Mark Twain's visit to Dilsberg in 1878. Over the high Darsberg, the tour then descended in steep switchbacks to the Geo-Park Information Center in Neckarsteinach. There, the enthusiastic participants were warmly welcomed by Mayor Herold Pfeifer and Heike Schön-Leucht. Mayor Pfeifer thanked Richard Köhler for the great guided tour and presented all participants with gifts in the form of interesting books about Hirschhorn and Neckarsteinach. For the children there were Hirschhorn cups, bracelets and magnets. In the bright evening sun, an eventful day on the Neckarsteig came to an end.
Richard Köhler

Construction near Mosbach

Please follow the way on which is showed on the map. + read_more


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Hirschhorn: driven hunt on Saturday, 19.11.2022

In the hunting grounds of Hirschhorn and Rothenberg, the annual driven hunt (predominantly) for wild boar will take place on Saturday 19.11.2022.  We ask the population to avoid the forest area "Schloßberg" during this time. The + read_more

The forest district Odenwald leads on Friday November 18th together with the neighboring districts in the Schlossberg hunting district near Neunkirchen, carried out a cross-district hunt in order to reduce the sometimes considerable damage caused by + read_more

the pedestrian bridge in Neckarkatzenbach

the pedestrian bridge "Kirchenblick" in Neckarkatzenbach is dilapidated and needs to be replaced. The work for this will be carried out on 19.11.2022. For this reason, the Neckarsteig must be closed in the area of the footbridge from Saturd + read_more

The Odenwald further qualifies as a hiking destination through the certification of "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland".

Four businesses on the Neckarsteig hiking trail have already been certified as hiker-friendly accommodation and gastronomy businesses: the Schlosshotel Horneck from Gundelsheim, the Protestant youth education center Neckarzimmern, the Hotel & Res + read_more

Castle ruins partially closed

There is good news. Thanks to a great effort of the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), the wall of the Minneburg of the Küchenbau, which was in danger of collapsing, could be secured in such a way that the "Vorburg" can + read_more

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