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"Best of Neckarsteig" -Kalender 2023

Amateur photographers are now in demand: Send in your favorite picture* (taken on the Neckarsteig) from February 01 to October 31, 2022. With a little luck, your motif will make it into the exclusive Neckarsteig calendar 2023!

The 12 (+1 for the cover page) most beautiful motifs will be selected from all submissions and a calendar will be designed for 2023. Each "month" also contains a hiking tip from the region. The calendar will be available from autumn 2022.


*In order for us to be allowed to publish the image, please send the image rights form at the same time. 

Here you find the Conditions pf participation

10 years of Neckarsteig!!

The stakeholders of the Neckarsteig came together at Guttenberg Castle to celebrate the (first) ten successful years of the Neckarsteig . District Administrator Dr. Brötel and ex-triathlete Timo Bracht paid tribute to the full-time and voluntar + read_more

The Odenwald further qualifies as a hiking destination through the certification of "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland".

Four businesses on the Neckarsteig hiking trail have already been certified as hiker-friendly accommodation and gastronomy businesses: the Schlosshotel Horneck from Gundelsheim, the Protestant youth education center Neckarzimmern, the Hotel & Res + read_more

Castle ruins partially closed

There is good news. Thanks to a great effort of the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), the wall of the Minneburg of the Küchenbau, which was in danger of collapsing, could be secured in such a way that the "Vorburg" can + read_more

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10 Jahre Neckarsteig:    Feiern sie mit!