News und Meldungen vom Neckarsteig

Forest liming Hirschhorn - Eberbach

From 17.07. to 19.07. inclusively, a section of the Eberbach - Neunkirchen stage will be closed due to forest liming. The detour is marked in the terrain.

There is no health risk for humans and animals due to the lime material.
In the above-mentioned forest areas, roads will be closed for the duration of the application work for the following reasons:

Occasional falling lumps of caked lime dust from the helicopter's spreading bucket cannot be ruled out.
Increased truck traffic must be expected on forest roads due to material deliveries.
There may also be some dust generation.

Forest visitors are requested to observe the closure notices

Timber harvesting in the Königstuhl forest distrct

Timber harvesting work will begin shortly in the Königstuhl forest district. Directly after the boundary between Neckargemünd and Heidelberg, the Neckarsteigweg will be closed and detour signs will lead to comparable footpaths in the direct + read_more

Construction near Mosbach

Please follow the way on which is showed on the map. + read_more

Castle ruins partially closed

There is good news. Thanks to a great effort of the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), the wall of the Minneburg of the Küchenbau, which was in danger of collapsing, could be secured in such a way that the "Vorburg" can + read_more

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