News und Meldungen vom Neckarsteig

autumn hike in Neckargem√ľnd

On Sunday, October 15, the public autumn hike on the Neckarsteig offered by the city of Neckargemünd took place, which was particularly popular this year: More than 40 people from the region had registered in advance at the Tourist Information Neckargemünd. Due to a few sickness-related absences, there were still just over 30 people who arrived at the agreed meeting point on the Königstuhl in perfect hiking weather. Most of them decided to travel by bus or mountain railroad, but one brave participant climbed the Königstuhl via the 1200 steps of the Himmelsleiter (ladder to heaven) and had thus completed the entire first Neckarsteig stage from Heidelberg to Neckargemünd by the end of the day.
After being welcomed by Mayor Frank Volk, the group set off on the approx. 12 km hike to Neckargemünd under the leadership of district forester Uwe Reinhard. Some wondered why the most direct route was not chosen, but as Mayor Frank Volk explained on the way, the Neckarsteig, voted Germany's most beautiful hiking trail in 2018, is a certified quality hiking trail that runs along narrow, near-natural paths, making the hiking experience particularly delightful.
At several stops along the way, the hiking group learned a lot of interesting information from forester Uwe Reinhard about the forest, its inhabitants and its management, and his offer to take the opportunity to ask the forester everything they had always wanted to know was actively used by the participants.
The scenic beauty, the views of the Neckar valley and the many chestnuts also delighted the hikers, who reached the Neckarriedkopfhütte after about 3.5 entertaining hours. Mayor Frank Volk thanked Petra Kohl from the Tourist Information for the organization and forester Uwe Reinhard for the enriching tour.
The gastronomic offer of the Neckarriedkopfhütte was gladly used for the stop, and so the hike ended with good food and drink with a wonderful view to the Dilsberg and in the direction of the Kraichgau in a comfortable round. The participants were enthusiastic and some of them already announced at the farewell that they would certainly be there again at the next hike.