Odenwaldklub e.V.

The Odenwaldklub e.V. (OWK) is one of the largest area hiking clubs in southwestern Germany with approximately 12,000 members organized in 91 local groups. The catchment area of the Odenwaldklub stretches from Frankfurt am Main in the north, Gernsheim in the west, Bruchsal in the south, Bad Wimpfen in the southeast to Wertheim am Main in the east. In addition to hiking, the members of the Odenwaldklub are actively involved in nature and landscape conservation. In addition, they have made it their task to maintain cultural assets, regional customs and the lively preservation of local history.

Within the framework of a guided hike with trained hiking guides of the OWK, you can learn about the flora and fauna, but also historical and interesting facts. 


Fachreferent Wandern Herbert Stieber
Tel.: 06155 - 7973614
E-Mail: rfw-owk@gmx.de


Office at the Fürstenlager

Prinzenbau im Staatspark Fürstenlager
64625 Bensheim-Auerbach
Tel.: 06251 – 855 856
E-Mail: info@odenwaldklub.de

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