News und Meldungen vom Neckarsteig

Castle ruins partially closed

There is good news.
Thanks to a great effort of the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief), the wall of the Minneburg of the Küchenbau, which was in danger of collapsing, could be secured in such a way that the "Vorburg" can be reopened for hikers. However, the main castle must unfortunately remain closed.

Cracks and stone eruptions were found at Stolzeneck Castle. It was therefore closed for safety reasons until further notice.
However, the closure could be limited to the area of the main castle. The outer castle with its fountain and barbecue area is open to visitors and hikers for the time being.

Visitors to the castles are requested not to enter the closed-off areas, as there is still a danger to life from individual falling stones.

Heidelberg Königstuhl - Closure due to snow

The Neckarsteig in the Königsstuhl area is currently closed for some time due to snowfall. We will let you know when the trail is accessible again.       + read_more

Driven hunt at Schlossberg Hirschhorn

Schlossberg hunt on Saturday, 18.11.2023 from 09.00 - 14.30 hrs. The Neckarsteig trail leading through the Schloßberg is closed on this day. In the Hirschhorn and Rothenberg hunting grounds, the annual hunt (mainly) for wild boar will take pla + read_more

autumn hike in Neckargemünd

On Sunday, October 15, the public autumn hike on the Neckarsteig offered by the city of Neckargemünd took place, which was particularly popular this year: More than 40 people from the region had registered in advance at the Tourist Information N + read_more

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