QR-Codes connect the Neckarsteig

Half of all mobile phone owners in Germany already use a smartphone. This trend is no different for hikers on the Neckarsteig. From now on, 30 attractions along the Neckarsteig Quality Trail between Heidelberg and Bad Wimpfen are equipped with QR codes.

QR codes (Quick Response) are similar to barcodes, which are, for example, printed on food packaging. Users scan the code via mobile phone camera and receive more detailed information about the place directly on their mobile phones. In addition, you can also see at a glance which attractions are nearby. You can access the most important information quickly and easily. Finding out opening hours or entrance fees is no longer a problem. The hiker has his own tourist office in his jacket pocket, so to speak.

Advantages of using QR codes are, on the one hand, that large information boards do not need to be installed at the site and, on the other hand, that the guest does not need to enter Internet addresses into their cell phones and look for a long time through pages to find the correct information. In addition, the data can be updated at any time, so that the user always receives the latest information.

Here the way to the QR codes

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