Safety instructions

Please note the following when hiking on the Neckarsteig:

  • the Neckarsteig is a challenging, sometimes ‘wild’ path, which places high demands on the hiker
  • walking on the Neckarsteig is at your own risk
  • hikers bears all the risks themselves, especially risks typical to forest walks along the route
  • the Neckarsteig is not suitable for wheelchairs
  • riding on bicycles and mountain bikes is not allowed


Please also note the following:
The section ‘Wilder Waibelsberg’ (Stage 4 from Eberbach to Neunkirchen) and Margaret’s Gorge (Stage 6 from Neckargerach to Mosbach) are divided into sections due to the difficult access for rescue services. These allow rescue services to take targeted action in case of an emergency. Please pay attention to which section you are in.




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