Route markers:

  • The markings are either painted or on stickers.
  • The markings should be fully visible and not obscured by branches or twigs. This also means that they are equally clearly recognizable from both directions. At the beginning of the growing season, the markings are checked and, if necessary, vegetation cut back.
  • At each path junction or where paths branch off, the course is clearly marked. After the junction, the trail must be ‘acknowledged’ with a marking so that hikers know that they are on the right track. Directional arrows are in the same colour directly below the markings.
  • For unclear sections of track, the markings are 20-50 meters apart. For clearer sections, markings may be up to 250 meters apart.



If there is no marking after more than 250 m, you are most likely not on the right track. In that case you should go back to the last marking and look for the right way from there.

Our grateful thanks to the waymarkers. They strive to keep the path in perfect condition. Due to the weather, markings have to be repaired, repainted or even replaced throughout the year. Should it ever happen that due to weather conditions, logging, vandalism or similar a marking should be missing, we would appreciate you letting us know.


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