Guttenberg Castle above the Neckar

Guttenberg Castle above the Neckar: The Castle of Eagles!
Guttenberg Castle is one of the oldest and most beautiful castles in Germany. Here you can admire flight demonstrations of wild birds of prey, learn about life on the knight's castle in the museum and enjoy hearty knight's meals in the tavern. Paradise for the loving couples and the best place for a dream destination wedding.

German Raptor Center
Fascinating World: Around 80 large birds of prey live here. Experience huge birds, with more than two meters wingspan, like Eagles and Vultures, but also Owls in the free flight high above Guttenberg Castle- in almost any weather!
The castle’s outer wards offer a close-to-nature insight into the fascinating world of the griffin. Interactive touch-screen stations and a display case exhibition show native birds of prey in their typical habitats. Life-size silhouettes on the castle tower impressively demonstrate the enormous range of birds of prey.

Museum and History
"Life at the Knight’s Castle” is the award-winning exhibition at the Castle Museum, which provides answers to interesting questions such as: How did you become a knight? What weapons did a knight carry? Why were castles built? And how have its inhabitants lived in past centuries? 


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