Funicular railway Heidelberg

historische Bergbahn Heidelberg


The Heidelberg funicular railways rank amongst the most popular tourist attractions in the town. Every year more than one million passengers use the traditional funicular railways, enjoying the spectacular views of Heidelberg and the Neckar valley as they travel, and from each of the stations. You can even see far across the Rhine lowlands as far as the Palatinate wine route from the vantage point of the Königstuhl.

The lower railway, one of Germany's most modern funicular railways, starts at Kornmarkt in the old town and runs via the Castle (Schloss) station as far as Molkenkur. From there you can continue with one of the oldest electric funicular railways to the Königstuhl, the town's highest point at more than 550 metres.

Station Molkenkur der Heidelberger Bergbahn






A trip on the Heidelberg funicular railways is a special experience. The funicular railways are a real attraction for the tourists and residents of Heidelberg, and as such they are not part of a comprehensive public transport network - they are operated independently by Heidelberger Straßen- und Bergbahn on behalf of Stadtbetriebe Heidelberg local transport services. Because of this the fares are not the same as for RNV tickets, for instance. The prices take into account factors such as that the Heidelberg funicular railway is one of the longest in Germany, and the fact that you can travel not only on one of the most modern trains, but also on one of the oldest with original railcars dating back to 1907.

Tickets are available at all stations. Tickets for pre-school groups, groups of 120+, as well as family tickets and other concessions can only be purchased at the counter.

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