Mysterious castle ruins, picturesque old town, lovely Neckar valley – this fascinating triad stands for Heidelberg, the romantic city on the edge of the Odenwald.

Back in the 19th century, the beauty of this region attracted the great German romantics, who immortalized Heidelberg in poetry, music and painting. With their famous works, they contributed to the myth that surrounds Heidelberg to the present day.

The castle ruin with its huge walls towers majestically over the city and is an imposing relic of a great electoral past. The magnificent Gothic and Renaissance facades reveal Heidelberg's eventful history.

The city of 'poets and thinkers' and 'teaching and research' is proud of its 'Ruperto Carola', the oldest university in Germany. It was founded as early as 1386 and still impacts inner-city life today. Today, 30,000 students from many nations are enrolled in studies here. As such, Heidelberg is an international town, romantic and idyllic, cosmopolitan and dynamic. Behind the historic city walls, a lively student scene defines the town.

From the famous, higher-level Philosoher's Way (Philosophenweg) there are magnificent views of the old town, castle and Neckar Valley. Due to the mild, partly Mediterranean climate, exotic plants such as cypresses, pomegranate trees, palms and pines thrive here.
On the opposite side, a historic cable car goes up to the castle and beyond to the King's Seat (Königstuhl), Heidelberg's local hill. Up there, visitors are rewarded with a fantastic view of the nearby Rhine Valley.

The green slopes of the Odenwald forest shape the surroundings of Heidelberg. About forty percent of the district of Heidelberg is wooded. As such, besides cultural attractions, the city has much to offer nature lovers, such as the 'Path of the Celts' (Keltenweg) on the 'Holy Hill' (Heiligenberg), the Via Naturae or the forest adventure trail on the 'King's Seat' (Königstuhl).

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