Neunkirchen, together with the village of Neckarkatzenbach, is an officially recognized resort on the north-western edge of the district of the Neckar Valley and Odenwald, on the 'Little Odenwald' side of the river. Both villages have interesting and historic half-timbered buildings.

Neunkirchen is thought to have been founded in 1298, the date whem the church was first mentioned, while Neckarkatzenbach was first mentioned around 1080.
Visitor attractions:
The 'Stolzeneck' and 'Minneburg' castle ruins are well worth a visit. These can be reached via well signposted hiking trails. Also worth visiting is the chapel of pilgrims in Neckarkatzenbach. We recommend visiting in early July during the Cherry Festival, or on the first Sunday in September for  the courtyard and street fair.

Neunkirchen's historic cemetery chapel with its Room of Silence and Contemplation
In 2013, the community decided to carry out a major refurbishment of the approximately 90-year-old former morgue in Neunkirchen Cemetery, to preserve the building that is so characteristic of the cemetery area. To ensure wider usage and appreciation of the building, the idea of creating a prayer room, also suitable for smaller funerals and urn burials was raised in consultation with the local church representatives. To preserve the historic cemetery chapel' and in particular for the creation of the Room of Silence and Contemplation, funding was obtained from the Franz and Getrud Schenzinger Foundation  in Obrigheim, which provided a generous grant for the project. The renovation and expansion of the Room of Silence and Contemplation was carried out in exemplary fashion with the support of numerous volunteer helpers. The result is a place where visitors to the cemetery can retreat, give space and expression to their feelings, find peace, seek comfort and reflect. The Room of Silence and Contemplation is located in Neunkirchen cemetery, 70 Main Street (Hauptstr. 70), on the road towards Neckarkatzenbach.


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