Stage Eberbach to Neunkirchen

Cultural landscape of Breitenstein – Devil's Pulpit – crossing a weir – 'Stolzeneck' Castle (ruin) – Wild 'Waibelstein' – tour of Neunkirchen village.

Length: 18 km
Start / End: Eberbach's old town / edge of Neunkirchen village.
Difficulty:  950 m ascent and 700 m descent

The Breitenstein is Eberbach's local hill. The Neckar Trail (Neckarsteig) and Eberbach's 'Path of River History' (Pfad der Flussgeschichte) come together here in one path, complete with informative educational information boards which explain, in an engaging way, how the Neckar has cut its path over millions of years. The orchards on the 'Breitenstein' offer a wide variety flora and fauna. The Ernst Hohn Pavilion refuge on the 'Schollerbuckel' hill is a unique vantage point. The narrow paths to the so-called 'Devil's Pulpit' (Teufelskanzel) leads the Neckarsteig through beautiful mixed forest. From there you can see the Rockenau quarry and the locks. At the Rockenau locks, the Neckarsteig crosses over to the other side of the river. The ruined castle 'Stolzeneck' was built around 1200 and from 1284 was awarded as a Palatinate feifdom to servants of the Palatine. After 1610, the castle and the associated 'Burgweiler Krösselbach' were abandoned. In the Wild Waibelsberg area and the slopes of 'Krösselbach' the terrain becomes almost alpine. Sure-footedness is needed here. The Heron's Lake (Reihersee) was originally built as a feeding lake for herons. Today it is a beautiful resting place with a refuge.


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