Stage Neckargerach to Mosbach

Margaret's Gorge path (Margaretenschlucht-Pfad) with nature park information boards – river loop – Ludolf's Ravine – 'Schreckberg' path – sandstone and limestone outcrops – Hamberg Nature Reserve – old town of Mosbach.

Length: 14 km
Start / End: Neckargerach train station / Mosbach tourist information office.
Difficulty:  450 m ascent and 450 m descent

On the path through Margaret's Gorge (Margaretenschlucht) there are several information boards about geology. The trail leads up above the railway track and has wonderful views of the Neckar Valley and the Middle Hill (Mittelberg) on the way to the start of Margaret's Ravine. Going through Margaret's Ravine is only to be recommended in good weather. In rain or in cold temperatures, you can expect difficulties, since you need to cross the water again and again. Note that the trail takes you over rocky steps on dangerous cliffs. The gorge has been a protected nature reserve since 1940. The smaller ravine 'Ludolfsklinge' also fits with the landscape. The Hamberg, Henschelberg and Schreckberg areas are characterized mainly by species-rich meadows and juniper heath, distinctive rock ledges and scree, as well as richly structured forest edges and shrubs. The diversity of the cultural landscape on the shell limestone ground is characterized by its earlier use as fields, vineyards, meadows and pastures. Dry stone walls of limestone or sandstone were created on the slopes to support the cultivation of terraces. Today, the walls provide a habitat for particular animal and plant species. The historic old town of Mosbach is characterized by lovingly restored half-timbered houses and medieval-looking streets.


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