Stage Neunkirchen to Neckargerach

Minneburg Castle (ruin) – striking cuttings (ravines) – valley around the 'Middle Hill' (Mittelberg) – tours of the villages of Neckarkatzenbach, Guttenbach and Neckargerach – Lime Tree (Linde) Viewpoint.

Length: 17.6 km
Start / End: Edge of Neunkirchen village / Neckargerach train station.
Difficulty:  350 m ascent and 470 m descent

Magnificent deciduous forests characterize the landscape. Opposite Neckargerach the 'Minneburg' Castle rises above wooded hillside. The castle was extended to its present form in the first half of the 16th century. Today it is an impressive ruin and a popular outing destination. From here you have a beautiful view of the Neckar Valley. Two barbecue areas invite you to linger for longer. The 'Middle Hill' (Mittelberg) was circumvented by the river before before the Neckar made its breakthrough about 200,000 years ago, leaving the old riverbed high and dry. The former river loop is clearly visible in the terrain, especially from the Lime Tree (Linde) Viewpoint on the hill near Neckarkatzenbach. You can see the former loop of the Neckar and get a feel for how such a river course develops. The small community of Neckarkatzenbach impresses with its idyllic location and the view of the 'Middle Hill' (Mittelberg). In Guttenbach you walk directly on the towpath along the banks of the Neckar. A bridge for walkers, cyclists and motorists connects Neckargerach with Guttenbach. Here the Neckar Trail (Neckarsteig) crosses over to the other side of the river.


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