Neckarsteig - from Bad Wimpfen to Heidelberg


Neckarsteig (8 days, 7 nights) Bad Wimpfen to Heidelberg

The Neckar Valley is one of the most beautiful regions for your hiking trip. You can hike along the Neckarsteig from Bad Wimpfen with the famous Kaiserpfalz to the romantic city of Heidelberg along the picturesque river landscape, the foothills of the Odenwald, the vineyards and meadows. This trail leads past historic castles and fantastically located villages such as Hirschhorn or Eberbach, which you can explore on a hiking trip including a seven overnight stay.

Your journey on the Neckarsteig

The eight-day trip with seven overnight stays can be booked all year round and you can look forward to a relaxing holiday while hiking in our beautiful nature. You travel individually to Bad Wimpfen and start your tour on the second day with a 21-kilometre hike to Hornberg Castle. On the third day, you will go on a 21-kilometre hike from Hornberg Castle to Neckargerach, where you will stay overnight and leave on the fourth day of your trip to Neunkirchen. The picturesque village of Eberbach is 19 kilometres away, which you reach on day five and from which you leave on day six to Neckarsteinach. Neckarsteinach can be reached after 28 kilometres or on request by train if you want to shorten the hike to 15 or 20 kilometres. After a final overnight stay with breakfast, you will leave individually and remember an excursion that took you through the wonderful scenery on the Neckarsteig.

Book and hike for two or more people

This offer includes accommodation in cosy mid-range hotels, one overnight stay in Neckargerach and one at Burg Hornberg, where all rooms are equipped with a bathroom. In the scope of services a luggage transfer between the accommodations, as well as a hiking map with travel description are included. You can book a double room per person for 599,00 Euro and a single room for 715,00 Euro. You can arrive daily and book your hiking trip on the Neckarsteig from two people.

Enjoy a hike in beautiful surroundings and relax in the evening at your hotel, which includes breakfast and a cozy atmosphere to linger and relax. The Neckarsteig is sometimes challenging and wild, so the hike places demands on your condition and endurance. On the 6th and 7th day you can shorten the route and go by train. You do not have to book this option in advance.

The Neckarsteig: a hike with unforgettable impressions

Old castles, untouched nature, meadows and forests invite you to hike. You will enjoy the active journey and get to know the beauty of the Neckarsteig from Bad Wimpfen to Heidelberg. For your physical well-being is provided in the morning with a good breakfast. Along the route you will discover fantastic panoramas and magnificent landscapes every day, which awaken your imagination and make the hike an experience. Book your trip to the Neckarsteig now and decide on a hiking trip, to which you can travel individually and which you can book as a couple or as a group trip at favourable conditions.

Length of the route:

1. Day: Individual arrival to Bad Wimpfen
2. Day: Bad Wimpfen - Burg Hornberg/Neckarzimmern (ca. 21 km)
3. Tag: Burg Hornberg/Neckarzimmern - Neckargerach (ca. 21 km)
4. Tag: Neckargerach - Neunkirchen (ca. 18 km)
5. Tag: Neunkirchen - Eberbach (ca. 19 km)
6. Tag: Eberbach - Neckarsteinach (ca. 28 km; shorten the tour optional by train to 15 km or ca. 20 km)
7. Tag: Neckarsteinach - Heidelberg (ca. 24 km; shorten the tour optional by train to 13 km)
8. Tag: Individual departure after breakfast


• 7 nights with breakfast
• Hotels of good middle class, one night at Burg Hornberg and one night at the guest house
• room with bathroom
• Luggage transfer between the accommodations
• Hiking map
• Travel description


625€ per person in a double room
745€ per person in a single room

Further Information:

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You can choose your travel date freely, a daily arrival is usually possible. The hike can be carried out for 2 people or more!

Route character/indications:

The Neckarsteig is a demanding, sometimes “wild” trail that places high demands on the hiker. By using the railway (extra) the stages on the 6th and 7th day can be shortened.


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